Miracle Defrosting Tray - Quickway Gadgets
Miracle Defrosting Tray - Quickway Gadgets
Miracle Defrosting Tray - Quickway Gadgets

Miracle Defrosting Tray

Quickway Gadgets

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Get Dinner Ready Quick with our 2-in-1 Fast Defrosting Meat Tray and Chopping Board

  • Defrost Meat Fast - Have you ever forgotten to take your meat out of the freezer for dinner? The 2-in-1 defrosting and chopping board has got you covered. Simply set your meat on the aluminum tray, and it will defrost nine times faster than thawing on its own.

  • No More Tough Meat - Defrosting in the microwave can leave your meat tough, dry, and an unappetizing color, but not the quick defrosting tray. Your meat will remain tender and juicy.

    • Absolutely Safe - Leaving beef, fish, and especially poultry to defrost on the counter for hours at a time can lead to the spread of bacteria, but the rapid thawing action of the 2-in-1 meat tray solves that problem. Your entree is never left for hours in the "danger zone" temperature where bacteria spreads.
    • Great for Cutting - There’s a reason it’s called the 2-in-1 meat tray. It’s great for cutting both meats and vegetables. Save space in your cupboard.

    • No chemicals or electricity: No need to use microwave, electricity or chemicals, even hot water is not need. Simply place frozen food onto the tray and it will defrost up to faster than at room temperature.


      • Easy clean & Dishwasher safe: It is non-stick and very convenient to clean.


      S - 23X16.5X0.2cm

      M - 29.5X20.5X0.2cm

      L - 35X20.5X0.2cm


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